Intel: "someone please start making this cellphone"

Intel doesn't really make cell phones, but they made this one: it's a reference design built around their newest "Medfield" mobile chipset, and Intel wants manufacturers to steal this design and turn it into a phone you can buy.

There's some stiff competition in the mobile electronics space, with ARM's hybrid system-on-a-chip architectures generally taking the top spot. But Intel wants a piece of the action, too, and their latest Medfield mobile chip seems to offer some serious performance. Reportedly, it can take a series of ten 8-megapixel images in under a second, and it can wirelessly stream HD video without any problems.

In the past, Intel has been hampered by power efficiency issues, offering powerful chips that were simply too greedy to work well in cellphones. But Medfield offers a much tighter integration of subsystems, and with a 32 nanometer fabrication process (which should drop to 22 nanometers by 2013), and Intel says that internal testing against a variety of currently available devices already shows some very competitive performance and efficiency specs:


You'll probably start seeing the first cellphones to use Medfield at CES just a few weeks from now, but it may take a solid year or two for Intel's in-tel* chipsets to really hit their stride.

Via Tech Review and TechCrunch

*I'll be here all night folks!

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