If Batman had an iPhone, he'd keep it in this dock

iPhones can be a real asset in dangerous situations, but where do you put your phone when you're headed into a riot? This self-defense arm cover called the BodyGuard should do the trick.

We already looked at the Armstar BodyGuard earlier this year, but now they've added an armored iPhone dock to make it even more useful.

The arm still has its built in stun gun, laser and HD camera, but now you can use it with your iPhone to send out Facebook updates right from the center of the battle.

Kevin Costner is an investor in Armstar, so perhaps we'll see him using one when he plays Superman's father in the upcoming movie Man Of Steel.

No word on pricing, but Armstar will send you a quote if you're interested in buying ten or more.

Armstar, via Ubergizmo

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