Hide out from the zombie apocalypse in this missile silo home

Nearly every sci-fi fan imagines what it would be like to own a secluded lair specially equipped to wait out the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Now there's a real option for just such a situation, if you've got the cash.

Billed as the safest place to live and able to withstand a direct nuclear bomb attack, the property features its own airplane runway, perfect for when you need to quickly make your way back home from infected wastelands. The giant 2,000-pound blast door to the main underground facility requires punching a special access code into a keypad, just like in the movies. The unused 7-level missile structure might be the perfect subterranean village as you gather cohorts and slowly rebuild the human population.

Perhaps the only thing wrong with this house is that whoever buys it will immediately make news, which means when the zombie outbreak does happen, the owner will probably get a lot of uninvited visitors looking for refuge. If you're interested in buying this place for the $1,760,000 pricetag (only cash accepted), you can find out more here, and you can take a tour of the place via the video below.

Via Buzzfeed

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