Harry Potter gingerbread house has all the magic touches

Star Wars gingerbread AT-ATs not your cup of tea? How about Harry Potter? This is one gingerbread house that would turn wizard and witch heads.

Going above and beyond is what Craftster user "mezcraft" does. Inspired by the Weasley's "The Burrows" home, mezcraft created this impressive gingerbread house replica.

I'm sure if we looked hard enough, there are gingerbread houses that are much more detailed and more advanced than mezcraft's, but little touches like monogrammed T-shirts for each of the Weasley members add to the allure of this one.

The Burrows gingerbread house isn't just for show, it's edible too; at least it was. Mezcraft says she munched on it, but in the end, smashed it because it was too hard to consume. Where are the pics for that?

Craftster, via The Daily What

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