Space travel bookings from 1950 capture our dreams, fears

Now booking, now booking! Trips to the moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn! Come one, come all, and reserve your trip into space today!

At least, that's what you could have done at New York City's Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History back in 1950. That begs the question: if you could book an interplanetary flight today, where would you go? I'm still partial to the Red Planet, myself, though there are some interstellar options that are looking better every day.

"The Hayden Letters" were a part of the museum's "Conquest of Space" exhibit back in the day, and they're being resurrected now that "Beyond Planet Earth: The Future Of Space Exploration" is in full swing.

The museum culled visitors and put out ads in papers and elsewhere asking folks to make space travel reservations for the destinations, with the hopes that they could give those bookings to the first spaceflight option that would make them a reality. Below are the results: folks of all ages wanting to go to space for any reason, from the mystery of it, to cash in on a dream or even to escape thermonuclear war.

The Hayden Letters, via Wired

All images above and below courtesy the American Museum of Natural History.

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