Gallery: PlayStation Vita ripped wide open for all to see

We've already given you a visual tour of the PS Vita stacked up against a bunch of other gadgets, but what does the inside of Sony's newly launched handheld (in Japan) look like? As you'd expect, like a lot of green circuit boards.

Every time a new gadget launches, the guys at iFixit usually tear it apart real fast and expose its guts to the world. Looks like they didn't grab a PS Vita in time, because some other Japanese folks had to work up the courage to crack open their new handhelds.

Often neglected, there's beauty in circuit boards too. And it's interesting to see what kind of third-party parts are inside your gear. In this case, according to Pocket News, Sony's using a Samsung-branded 5-inch OLED display.

Peep the rest of the PS Vita nudie shots down below.

Via Pocket News

Thanks Andrew!

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