Ferrari powered quadcycle looks kind of dangerous

Your Mom may have told you that motorcycles are too dangerous, but what about a nice stable quadcycle? This French made quad powered by a 3-liter Ferrari V-8 should do the trick.

The Lazareth Wazuma V8F puts out 250 horsepower in a vehicle that weighs less than a Smart Car, so the performance should be pretty nippy. Your Mom probably still won't like it however, because with a Ferrari you would be strapped tightly in a car carefully engineered to absorb massive impacts, whereas with the Wazuma you're just sitting out there in the open.

Of course at around $260,000, you would already have to to be just a little nuts to buy a Lazareth. That's actually more than a real Ferrari 459 Italia with more than double the power and seating for two.

James List, via Autoblog

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