FCC tells TV advertisers to turn their damn commercials down

The FCC has adopted the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, which will require ads to be broadcast at volumes no louder than the volume of the show that they're running with. Until now, ads have been louder because YELLING AT PEOPLE MAKES THEM WANT BUY YOUR STUFF. Idiots.

This is obviously great news for the handful of you who still watch cable TV, but unfortunately, these rules don't go into effect immediately. Far from it: cable companies have an entire year to find the volume knob. C'mon, seriously now. A year?

Cable companies are really starting to suck, but you know what? It's cool, because we actually have a choice now. If they continue to find new ways to overcharge, underperform, and annoy their customers, everyone's just going to jump ship to the Internet, and not a single tear will be shed when big cable fades into irrelevance.

FCC Press Release (PDF), via Engadget

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