Electric roller skates…why haven't these darn things taken off?

There is nothing we love better than a good electric roller skates story. For some reason inventors just keep hoping they'll catch on. The latest entry, SpnKix dreams of a world where lithium battery powered skates will propel us all into a devil-may-care, one-step-up from-walking future.

Granted, we are going to give the SpnKix some props for 1) being controlled by a new fangled wireless remote, and 2) for having a relatively small and lightweight fiber-reinforced nylon frame which houses all the gadgetry. A huge improvement on other prototypes which seemed a bit Back to the Future in their design.

The SpnKix boasts a max speed of 10 miles per hour and an electric range of approximately two to three miles. They take about two hours to recharge.

Product designer Peter Treadway has been working on the design for some five years and has built more than 30 prototypes. He's now ready for production and like so many inventors, artists and dreamers these days, he's turned to Kickstarter.com to fund development.

By the end of January 2012, he's hoping to raise $25,000 to fund his project and begin production. Those who sign on at $375 will get a pair of the skates, and those backing at $950 or more will get a special edition with matte black wheels. If the crowd speaks, then SpnKix could start shipping in 2012.

Here's the thing. At 10 miles per hour, it's easy to see why they haven't taken off. They can't get up enough speed.

If we are going to settle for a 10 mile per hour future they I will do it George Costanza style, sitting down gracefully in a glorified version of the personal mobility scooter.

Via CNet

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