Eco-structure would be safe haven for wildlife; no humans allowed

As cities across the globe stretch their limits to meet the needs of seven billion people, often wildlife habitats are displaced along the way. Fortunately, there are those who are thinking about innovative ways to create new environments to preserve wildlife. One such idea is the "Sea Tree," a giant self-sustaining eco-structure designed to rise out water, serving as a haven for flora and fauna only.

The Sea Tree would be a tiered structure moored underwater with a cable that serves as the frame for series of layers. The layers above and below water would, over time become their own ecosystems — much like a sunken ship does underwater. Like an oil rig, the structure would rise above water and be self sufficient, but serves nature only.

The Sea Tree is a concept created by Amsterdam-based What is unique about this concept is that their plan was always to create the structure for nature only rather than retrofitting a green space into an urban structure or create a mixed use building. The idea was meant offset the trend of city sprawl and could be located in any water source — lakes, rivers or oceans. Wherever there is a need to bring some green back to the environment. isn't new to the world of designing structures on the water. Located in low-lying Amsterdam they have had to look to the water as a place to create structures and specialize in building in water environments. They believe that in a world where ocean levels are rising due to climate change, there is no other option but to expand to water based building.

Fortunately, they are not forgetting the environment as they go., via DigitalTrends

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