Don't chain this blinged up $38,500 e-bike to a street light

E-bikes are pretty popular these days, so it seemed inevitable that someone would eventually come out with a blinged up version.

Maximum weight saving is normally a key design goal of any bike, so adding all kinds of heavy gold trim and gemstones makes absolutely no sense on a technical level. Having said that, you wouldn't expect a Paris Hilton wannabe to simple ride a Plain Jane machine.

Hungarian manufacturer M55 will custom finish your Terminus Royal Edition to your exact specifications, adding whatever Swarovski crystals, gemstones including diamonds and gold or silver carbon textures your heart desires. The basic bike starts at $38,500, but goes up from there depending on the treatment you request. I'm sure if you really want something that Liberace would be proud to ride, it's going to run more than even that $80,000 e-bike we saw last year.

Just don't chain it to a street light when you get to work, those diamonds would probably scratch the paint.

M55, via Gizmag

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