Crazy German's cannonball grip gives his slingshot serious power

That crazy German slingshot guy has just created a new toy. Realizing that his hand's gripping power was limiting the maximum ammo size, he decided to enlist the aid of a couple of stout trees and a giant ball gripper to add massive firepower to his slingshot.

Using a pair of elastic straps that look like they were designed to stop planes on an aircraft carrier, he flings an apple a couple hundred feet before its progress is stopped by a tree. He says he would have used a steel cannonball, but claims it's "would probably kill someone," and would "leave his territory."

So, is this guy an evil henchman in training? Just listen to his sinister laugh after he hits the tree. Besides, who other than an evil henchman refers to their yard as "my territory."

Slingshot Channel, via Gizmodo

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