Concrete fossils preserve old tech for future generations

There are plenty of museums with collections of old classic tech, but let's face it, those cheap plastic parts aren't going to be around in 1000 years. If you want people way in the future to see what late 20th century tech looked like, you had better save some of it in fossilized form.

These concrete fossils from Bughouse Art + Design are perfect replicas of classic tech, from some selected old film cameras to a vintage Atari joystick. Just the thing to put on your mantlepiece to show how much you care about preserving the past.

Best of all, these aren't one off art pieces. You can buy most of them for a surprisingly reasonable sounding $65 to $125, although the much larger Technics DJ turntable will run you a fairly hefty $495. That's almost as much as the real thing before they were discontinued.

Bughouse Art + Design, via Unplgged

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