Coming soon; a full length feature film shot entirely on a phone

Okay it's official; you can no longer blame the phone for the crappy quality of your cellphone videos. That's because the first full length feature film shot entirely on a cellphone will soon be hitting theaters.

Olive isn't just some thrown together story created so the makers could prove a point, this film is the real deal with a full crew, script, director, and starring major Hollywood actress Gena Rowlands, Even the audio was done by the gurus at Skywalker Sound. In fact, the only major things that separate this production from a major studio deal are the low budget, and the little Nokia N8 taped to the back of the lens.

While production is already well underway, the makers are looking for Kickstarter funding to get Olive into 2000 theaters without resorting to using money and distribution from a major studio. Total budget is $200,000, which suggests that Gena Rolands isn't exactly looking for Johnny Depp money these days.

In the video you can see a little behind the scenes footage, along with the first five minutes of the film. It sure doesn't bear much in common with my own lousy cellphone videos.

Olive (Kickstarter), via Engadget

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