China buys fearsome Russian carrier, turns it into luxury hotel

During the 1980s, the Kiev was the flagship of the Soviet Navy. At almost 1,000 feet long, it carried over 30 aircraft, as well as an arsenal of heavy missiles like a cruiser. China bought the Kiev in the late 90s, and it'll be relaunching at the end of this month, but as a luxury hotel instead of a warship.

Generally, aircraft carriers aren't noted for their luxury accommodations, but as with anything else, throwing enough money at the problem will make it go away. The Kiev has undergone a complete retrofit into a fancy floating hotel, and as of the end of this month, it'll be completely open for business.

Despite this ignominious end to an icon of sea power, there's still a chance that it's all just a trick, and when the Chinese decide to take over the world, they'll throw out all the fancy beds and linens and send the Kiev steaming out into the Pacific.

In the mean time, you can see some of those aforementioned fancy linens in a gallery of the hotel rooms, below.

China Daily, via Danger Room

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