Certain theaters reserving special seats for avid Twitterers

Impulsive Twitter users who absolutely must tweet while watching a show might soon find themselves required to sit in special seating zone in theaters. Yep, it's like smoking zones for Twitter addicts.

According to USA Today, theaters across the nation are creating "tweet seat" zones for viewers who have to live-tweet a performance. The tweet seats are positioned to be out of view for regular viewers to not disturb them with their brightly lit cellphones.

Tweet seats aren't just for curbing cellphone use during live performances, they're also being used to enhance and create interactivity between viewers and actors.

For example, "audience members could use their phones to look at tweeted content sent by the theater's artistic director about the production, the scenery and whatever was happening on stage. Audience members were also encouraged to tweet questions in real time."

While many theaters remain unsure whether tweet seats are a good or bad opportunity, it seems to be something that ticket buyers are willing to engage in and pay for.

Next time you're at a Broadway play, don't be surprised if you see a whole section of twitter seats with eyes glued to cellphones.

USA Today, via LA Times

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