Cellphone sanitizing pouches kill signal reception in a jiffy

Some people might cringe at the idea of losing cellphone signal or feel withdrawal symptoms when a carrier outage happens. For when you do need to quickly take your cellphone off the grid, these bags and cases by MIAmobi should do the trick.

MIAmobi's bags look like regular pouches, but they've got one special trick, and that is the inside lining is made out of colloidal silver. FYI, colloidal silver totally blocks all incoming and outgoing radio frequencies.

Sure, you can always flip your cellphone to airplane mode, but that can be a hassle going into the settings menu if you're in a rush.

As a bonus, the antimicrobial factor to colloidal silver also helps sanitize your cellphone.

MIAmobi's not selling any bags on its website and recommends you look on Amazon for sellers. I did, and found out these bags are pricey. Small cellphone pouches that measure 5.8 x 4.2-inches cost about $68 and larger zipper ones (for tablets) can cost between $88 and $152.

You'd better be fugitive or something if you think these bags are worth your privacy and security from the FBI or CIA or whoever is looking for you.

MIAmobi, via The Gadgeteer

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