Canopy of McDonnell Douglas' fantasy fighter jet now on eBay

This is the McDonnell Douglas/General Dynamics A-12 Avenger II. It only ever got to the mock-up stage (and that was back in the 1990s), but the canopy of this stealthy, futuristic fantasy attack aircraft can be yours in time for Christmas if you act right now.

Back in 1983, the Navy began a new program to develop an "Advanced Tactical Aircraft" that could take the place of the A-6 Intruder, a precision strike fighter that had been in service since 1963. A team from McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamics won the development contract, and they put together a tail-less flying wing design that they called the A-12 Avenger II, but everyone else called the Flying Dorito. By 1990, the A-12 was significantly overweight as well as over budget, and Dick Cheney (yes, that Dick Cheney) cancelled the program in in 1991 and went with the F/A-18 instead.

McDonnell Douglas never flew a prototype of the A-12, but they did put together a full-scale mock-up of the final design, which was revealed to the public for the first time in 1996. What appears to be the canopy from this model showed up on eBay after a lucky buyer found it listed for barely more than scrap value on an obscure government auction website, and it can be yours for a mere $620,238, delivery included.


Below, check out a rendering of what the A-12 would have looked like if it had made it into the air, as well as a bunch more pics from the first public unveil.

eBay, via FlightGlobal

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