Apple's Ghostbusters video spoof from 1984 is super cheesy

Most of us are familiar with Apple's famous 1984 commercial depicting the company ending IBM's Big Brother-like reign on personal computing, but here's an internal ad that spoofs Ghostbusters in a way that reminds you how dorky the 80s were.

Called Blue Busters, the parody video paints Apple as the Ghostbusters, who try to suck the "Big Blue" a.k.a. IBM up and liberate the world. Blue Busters was made for a 1984 international sales meeting.

In this case, instead of proton packs, Apple's Ghostbusters wear Macs on their backs.

While the video isn't particularly new (it was uploaded in 2007), most people still haven't seen it. A new Associated Press story on Apple's stashed documents at Stanford University brought the video back into the public eye.

Companies regularly make spoof videos like Microsoft's Gmail Man parody to motivate teams and impress investors. There's also another internal video made for a 1984 dealer's meeting too. Man, 1984 sure was a year for dweeby marketing videos.

Blue Busters just happens to be ultra geeky. Be sure to watch it to the very end. A special Apple co-founder makes an appearance!

YouTube, via TheNextWeb

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