Android Phone Name Generator pokes fun at naming conventions

I know I'm not the only person who knows of a handful or more silly Android names that are either too long are trying too hard to sound different. Yinzcam's humorous Android Phone Name Generator randomly churns out a ridiculous Android phone name based on all Android devices that have been announced.

It's a gag, and yeah, it's funny. Android's finally growing into its own shoes, but the weird names need to stop. I've just finished pressing the "generate" button well over 50 times. Here are the best ones that the generator's spit out:

  • Sony Ericsson MyTouch Optimus G1 Prime
  • LG Desire Vibrant Prime
  • Samsung Captivate Vivid One 4G+ E
  • HTC Defy Epic
  • Motorola Liquid Vivid X
  • Acer Thunderbolt Black
  • LG Mesmerize Optimus Plus One
  • Samsung Vigor Vibrant S

Come to think of it, some of these aren't too bad. I'd love an HTC Defy Epic, please!

Go ahead and give it a try yourself in the link below.

Via Android Name Generator (Thanks Shira!)

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