Alien-faced robot will seduce you with its geisha moves

If you had any concerns that this eventful year might end on a sedate note, take heart — the alien abduction-faced, geisha-style dancing robot is here to see you through the end of the year.

The OriHime robot was developed by Kentaro Yoshifuji, an Engineering student at Waseda University, who built the creation to serve as an emotive avatar for Internet video chats. The robot doesn't deliver packages or do the laundry, but it is exceedingly skilled at striking feminine poses and seductively (for a robot) preening for observers.

Runway models have always dreaded this day, now all OriHime needs is a less robot-of-doom exterior and that Victoria's Secret catalogue awaits. You can see the OriHime in action in the video below.

Via PlasticPals

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