Airline vid shows bags having better time of it than passengers

Delta Airlines thought that it would be kinda cool to drill out a bunch of holes in a box, stuff it full of video cameras, and send it on a flight from Atlanta to New York after hitting all the record buttons. You know what? We think it's pretty interesting, too.

The vid below shows how a bag experiences a flight on Delta airlines, from the initial drop-off through TSA screening (or so they say) all the way out to the plane and back again.

Let me just say that this is exactly what I'd like air travel to be about, for people as well as baggage. You go to the airport, get placed on a conveyor belt (maybe in your seat already), and are transported to the aircraft. Once you get there, there's no lines, no whining, no "seriously I promise you this will fit in the overhead if you just keep pushing it." Passengers would just get stuffed wherever they happened to fit, and if they complained about it, well, that's what duct tape is for. A little harsh, maybe, but air travel now is supposed to be about high efficiency and low cost, right? So really, the video below is just showing you what the future holds.

See the video for yourself down below.

Via Delta

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