9 new Portal-themed goodies warp in just in time for the holidays

Even if you haven't played Valve's excellent puzzle shooter, you've probably run into characters from the Portal universe somewhere, whether it be a homicidal robo-ball or an irresistibly adorable cube. Portal's zany cast makes for some good video gamin', and awesome gifts to boot.

I don't typically make knee-jerk purchases. I'm decidedly fussy about what I spend my money on, even. Despite all my hard-coded resistance to this kind of stuff, I'm still pretty sure I'll have a pair of Portal bookends before long, not to mention a plush turret for a certain niece I'm sweet on.

You can see a rundown of what's new from ThinkGeek and Valve in the gallery below, and check out all the Portal goodies from ThinkGeek here.

Via ThinkGeek

All images below courtesy ThinkGeek.

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