3D TV gets stylin' with LG's designer glasses

If you think most 3D glasses make you look incredibly dorky, LG feels your pain. So they are introducing some stylish glasses created by renowned eyewear designer Alain Mikli.

Of course quite why you would care about style when sitting in your dark living room is beyond me, but I guess people have their priorities.

Because LG's 3D TVs use passive glasses rather than those active shutter jobs, making the glasses slimmer and lighter wasn't really a big deal. More importantly, they will also offer clip-on lenses for people like me who already need glasses just to see clearly. If you've ever tried to balance a pair of 3D glasses on top of your regular glasses, you already know what a pain this can be.

LG's Alain Mikli 3D glasses will be available early next year. No price was announced, but as with all things designer, they probably won't be cheap.

LG press release, via Ubergizmo

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