Cruise missile powered 1967 Chevy; what could possibly go wrong?

There's a famous urban legend about the guy who strapped a rocket onto the roof of his 1967 Chevy Impala, then promptly crashed it into the side of an Arizona mountain at over 300 mph. While that story is just a tall tale, a guy called Paul Stender has decided to pay homage by actually building the car and taking it out for a run.

While most versions of the story describe a JATO booster on the roof, Stender has decided to go one better by using a 10,000 horsepower cruise missile engine. We're not sure exactly which government surplus auction sells old cruise missile engines, but it appears that Stender has some pretty good connections.

It would be easy to dismiss Stender as just some kind of nut, but he's the guy that already built that 367 mph school bus. At least this looks marginally safer than that rocket powered shopping cart.

We'll let you know if the Arizona Highway Patrol winds up having to scrape Stender off the side of a mountain, just like the guy in the original story.

Via Jalopnik

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