$11,000 gets you Toshiba's 55-inch glasses-free 3D TV

Revealed at IFA in Berlin, Toshiba's Regza 55X3 (known as ZL2 in Europe) isn't just a fancy 3D TV that doesn't require silly glasses — it has Quad Full High Definition — a.k.a. 4K2K HD — a.k.a. your eyeballs watering up over picture clarity like never before. And it can be yours this December.

Even with a crazy high resolution of 4,096x2,160, the Regza 55X3, face tracking and USB recording, the Regza is one expensive 3D TV and Toshiba probably knows that regular folks like you and I won't be buying one. This is one tube for the one percent.

In our hands on, our own Stewart Wolpin noted that the glasses-free 3D looked flatter than usual and that viewing angles were extremely limited, but if you're apt to test things out with your own eyes (and you should when buying any TV), feel free to use your own discretion.

That said, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least somewhat curious as to how 3D video games look on this TV. Hell, I'm not even sure what kind of content you'll be able to look at on this thing, since content creators aren't even shooting in such a high resolution yet.

Provided you live in Japan and can pony up 900,000 yen or approximately $11,578 for one of these flat screens, you will be able to secure one on Dec. 10.

Impress Watch (Japanese), via Engadget

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