Yoda unleashes The Force in epic Japanese noodle commercial

If you've ever wondered what the Jedi Master Yoda ate on the deserted planet known as Dagobah, we think we have an answer, and it has everything to do with Japanese instant noodles.

In what may be the boldest licensing money grab by the makers of Star Wars, the once venerable master of The Force has now been reduced to shilling Cup Noodle brand Japanese instant noodles from Nissin. Shown mustering the midi-chlorians to levitate a giant pot of heated water above his head, the setting is a desert planet that looks a lot like Tatooine. The camera comes in for a close-up and then Yoda says, "May The Force be with Japan," followed by an epic instance of twisted English sloganeering delivered via voice-over saying, "BOIL JAPAN."

No, I'm not sick with the flu recounting last night's fever dream, this insane bit of marketing is real and you can see it all for yourself in the video below.

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