Xbox 360 gets new Windows Phone 7-inspired dashboard in December

Prep your Xbox 360s, because a new dashboard is inbound! Coming out of beta, Microsoft's finally ready to push out the new dash that resembles Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 on December 6.

The new dashboard will be the third Xbox 360 dashboard update since the console was released in November 2005. Longtime Xbox 360 owners will recall that the original dashboard was "Blades" (see below).


On November 19, 2008, Microsoft released the "New Xbox Experience" that not only brought a facelift, but also the ability to install games to the hard drive for reduced loading times and the introduction of Avatars (Microsoft's version of Nintendo's Miis).


The third Xbox 360 dashboard update will bring yet another redesign and with it should come live television, Bing voice search, cloud storage for game saves and Xbox Live profiles, Facebook sharing, Kinect voice control, and a whole slew of new movies, Internet videos, music and sports. Get excited!

Major Nelson, via Kotaku

Image credit: Giantbomb and CNET AU

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