World's tiniest food truck serves up big flavor in Austin TX

Are you sick of all those big trendy food trucks blocking all of the good parking spots in your city? Then may I suggest the world's smallest food truck, built neatly inside a tiny Smart Car.

The Verts Kebap food "truck" has been seen around the streets of Austin Texas recently, selling Doener Kebap, which is kind of like a European version of the gyro sandwiches you get from Greek restaurants here in the States.

Started by two German students from the University of Texas who decided to put their MBA degrees to work, the Verts Kebap converted Smart Car stuffs all of the equipment needed to make and sell the tasty sandwiches into the tiny car. This makes it easy to find a spot wherever there are hungry people. Once in place, the custom fitted car pops open like a camper trailer, with a large awning that expands the serving area. Taking a typically German attitude, the boys made sure that the car met all of Austin's detailed health codes to the letter, including not letting the awning actually touch the ground at any point.

The Smart Car kebap truck has been a big hit in Austin, so the guys plan to add three more in January of next year. Hey German guys, any chances of getting one of them parked outside the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES in January?

Verts Kebap (Facebook), via OddityCentral

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