Virgin Galactic customers will wear custom James Bond style suits

What does a stylish space tourist wear during their flight into the great beyond? This question has not come up much in the past, but now Virgin Galactic has revealed a few details of what their paying space tourists will wear when flights start in 2013, and it sounds a whole lot like James Bond circa 1979.

Instead of going hard core with a full pressure suit, Virgin Galactic's chief medical officer Dr. James Vanderploeg says their space tourists will get personal flight suits with soft-soled shoes, and a soft flight helmet with built-in microphone and headphones.

That sounds a lot like those suave suits worn by James Bond and Holly Goodhead in the 1979 Bond epic Moonraker, right down to the soft padded helmets they wore after sneaking onto one of Drax's shuttles.

Virgin boss Richard Branson actually had brief a cameo appearance in Casino Royale, and Bond flew on Virgin Atlantic in Quantum Of Solace, so there are some prior tie-ins between the two. Branson should probably steer clear of the upcoming Bond adventure however, seeing as the title is Skyfall., via BornRich

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