TV controlled Dalek acts out Doctor Who on-screen action live

Watching Dr. Who is exciting enough, but imagine if a robot Dalek in your living room was acting out the scenes live along with the on screen action. That's the idea behind a new BBC technology that sends metadata directly into your room, along with the picture and sound.

The metadata is sent to the robot Dalek from a set top box using Wi-Fi, and commands it to follow the moves and actions of the Daleks in the show itself. Forget 3D, if this really works it will be able to move the action off the flat screen and into your room.

Unfortunately you can't go and stick this one on your Christmas list just yet, because for now it's only being tested by the BBC. They want to explore the viability of controlling real objects in the viewer's home using embedded metadata, and what better way than making that old trick of hiding from the Daleks behind the sofa obsolete. The broader possibilities for this technology seem pretty limitless, restricted only by the imaginations of the producers. Smell-O-Vision here we come.

Telegraph, via Ubergizmo

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