This little box turns any hard drive or camera into a Wi-Fi device

Got a gadget you wish had built-in Wi-Fi? Take a peek at this Kickstarter project called CloudFTP, from an outfit called Sanho. You connect this little box to whatever via a USB connection, and you and anyone else can access the connected device's contents.

For instance, you can access photos on a camera connected to the CloudFTP to transfer them to your PC without futzing with a cable or removing the SD card. Or you can allow multiple folks to access the contents of an external hard drive connected to it, creating sort of a wireless file server.

You can even create an ad hoc connection (no external Wi-Fi source needed) to a smartphone to access or transfer content on a CloudFTP-connected hard drive, and also connect to the Internet via a local hotspot to transfer files to iCloud, Dropbox, or any cloud-based storage service.

The CloudFTP project has a lofty goal of $100,000, but it's already a third of the way there.

Via CloudFTP

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