Toyota Fun-Vii concept is a giant touchscreen on wheels

If you didn't feel like any of those LA Auto Show concept cars were quite concept-y enough, Toyota has come out with something that should get those juices flowing: the Fun-Vii, which they're calling "a smartphone on four wheels."

It looks like Toyota has decided that people like smartphones, and people like cars, so combining those two things must be a good idea then, right? The Fun-Vii has all of its exterior surfaces (and interior surfaces, for that matter) covered in touch-sensitive displays, which can show different colors, patterns, photos, or even what seems to be a futuristic location-enabled version of your Facebook friend feed.

Otherwise, details on the Fun-Vii are sketchy, but that's how it is with all the best concept cars: they focus on something crazy, and leave all the boring stuff (like whether or how the car actually functions) up for grabs. Make sure not to miss the gallery, below.

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