This wind turbine is so big it has its own helipad

Scotland, being awesome, is putting some serious effort into eventually sourcing 100% of its energy from renewable sources. Seeing as the weather up there is often blustery enough to blow your kilt up around your ears, wind energy seems like a safe enough bet, and the Scots are getting a giant new wind turbine that comes with its own helipad.

I'm fairly certain that the turbine blades stop spinning before a helicopter tries to land on this thing, but on the other hand, stopping the blades means stopping power generation, so maybe they just find themselves a really really really skilled pilot. Either way, the idea with the helipad is to make it easy to service the turbine when necessary, although this prototype will be located a mere 70 feet offshore.


The turbine should produce about six megawatts when it goes operational, which is enough to power a couple thousand homes, and if that's not enough, it'll also serve as a shooting location for an unannounced eco-themed James Bond movie: The World Would Be Enough If We Could Just Be A Little Bit More Careful About Our Carbon Pollution Already.

Via Inhabitat

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