This R2-D2 media player is not the droid you're looking for

There are a lot of factors to look at when choosing a portable media player: design, portability, a wide number of compatible formats, price. Oh, and being shaped like a droid from Star Wars.

Yes, this stupid media player is shaped like R2-D2, esuring that it will never fit in your pocket and will be awkward and cumbersome to use. But hey, it's got 2GB of storage! That'd be impressive around the release of the original iPod, but when you can get an iPhone with 32GB, not so much. It plays videos in addition to music on its lil screen, and it even has C-3PO earbuds, which I would reccomend using with a better, non-droid-shaped player. But to each his own!

7 Gadgets via Technabob

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