Suzuki's Q concept blurs the line between car and motorcycle

If you want to make a car really small, you need to rethink how you're going to pack the people in. The Suzuki Q concept does this by taking a hint from motorcycles, putting the passenger behind the driver.

At 8-ft 3-in long, the Q is actually five inches shorter than a Smart Car, but the big difference is in the width. Because you don't need space for two people sitting side by side, the car can be a lot narrower. Those swing up doors also save room, by allowing you to park much closer to another car without worrying about whacking its side as you get out.

The Q's instruments use a transparent head-up display, while rear view mirrors are replaced by rear view cameras and a pair of small video screens. It also looks like your smartphone will dock in the middle of the steering wheel. Suzuki says variations will include two kiddie seats to replace the single rear seat, or a delivery version with a package area in the back.

While I appreciate outside-the-box thinking, I think the motorcycle comparison is pretty lame. Where is the wind in your face, and the ability to lean into turns? Worst of all, if you dare to show up at your local biker event in this thing, chances are you're going to get beaten up.

Suzuki will display the Q Concept at the Tokyo Auto Show next month.

Via Gizmag

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