The ultimate steampunk car features a working aperture door

If there is a god of steampunk, his name is Captain Nemo, from the Jules Verne novel "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." Now an ingenious designer has created what might be the coolest steampunk vehicle you've ever seen.

The Nautilus is the fictional vessel that Captain Nemo used to plumb the depths of the sea, now Dr. Alan Rorie has created his own art car version of the famous vehicle with one amazing feature: a working brass aperture door! In addition to the door, the vehicle also has four additional small aperture windows. And, as if the absolutely beautiful steampunk shapes and aperture windows weren't enough, he even included an iconic squid doorlock that only opens using an RFID fob. You can see the amazing aperture door in action in video below.

Via Make

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