So long, pals

Hey guys, Adam Frucci here. I've been writing for this here blog for just about five years, but today is my last day, and this my last post. Hankies out!

I've had a great time writing about all the weird and wonderful tech stories out there for the past few years, but it's time for me to move on. I've been running my website about comedy, Splitsider, for over a year now, and it's grown to the point where it demands all of my attention. No more time for moonlighting with DVICE, sadly!

I've gotta thank former editor Pete Pachal for giving me my first writing gig back when the site was Sci-Fi Tech and just a couple of months old. I can honestly say that him putting his faith in me as a writer changed my life. I certainly wouldn't be running a website about comedy if it weren't for him. Kevin Hall, his successor, is also a wonderful editor and a great guy, although he didn't change my life quite as much. But there's still time, Kevin! We're still young men!

So thank you, dear readers, for following the site and reading at least some of the thousands of posts I've written over the years here. It's been a blast.

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