Gallery: Taras Lesko's seven-foot-tall papercraft Gundam

A five-foot tall Gundam made out of plastic? Pfft. That's nothing when you compare it to this seven-foot tall Gundam made out of paper. Weighing in at 10 pounds and constructed from 720 sheets of paper, this is one robot you don't want to mess with or it'll give you a paper cut.

Yeah, Taras Lesko is today's geek master of the day. Lesko built this huge paper Gundam because he could — just because. It goes without saying the entire robot required a whole lot of glue.

If you've never heard of him before, here's a briefer: he made this four-foot Freedom Gundam papercraft last year and then burned it.

This seven-foot mech is the fallen one's successor and it's literally better in every way. The photos below don't lie buddy! If the massive photo gallery below isn't enough to satiate your papercraft admiration, you can see a video of its construction here.

Visual Spicer, via Technabob

Photos: Taras Lesko/VisualSpicer

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