Ryanair to get slightly less terrible thanks to in-flight porn

Ryanair is probably best known for it's low low prices, which it achieves thanks to low low standards of comfort, service, and convenience. But who cares, because pretty soon, you're gonna be able to watch porn on Ryanair, which should make everything 100% better.

Obviously, since TV screens in the backs of seats would be a nice perk, you won't find them anywhere on Ryanair planes. So where's the porn go? On handheld devices, which seems a little counter-productive. The idea is that you'd log in to some sort of Ryanair app, which would offer you a tasteful selection of games, movies, gambling, or hardcore pornography. As Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary puts it, "Hotels around the world have it, so why wouldn't we?"

Uh, well, unless your life is way more interesting than mine, Mr. O'Leary, your hotel rooms are not generally filled with several hundred sweaty strangers packed side by side with no escape save the emergency exits. And seeing as Ryanair has also been thinking of eliminating bathrooms from its flights, it seems like there's a combination going on there that could lead to a bit of a mess. So to speak.

Via The Sun

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