Rusty DSLR recovered after a year in the ocean, pictures intact

Few things could ruin a nice vacation more than accidentally dropping your fancy Canon DSLR into the ocean. But imagine your surprise if a year later someone found your camera sitting in the sea, and discovered that your precious vacation pictures were still intact.

Scuba diver Marcus Thompson was working near the end of the pier in Deep Bay, British Columbia, Canada, when he discovered the lost Canon EOS 1000D sitting in the muck. Curious, he brought the rusty camera home, popped out the SD card and stuck it in his computer, only to discover that he could still download about 50 images from the card.

The picture showed a Kamloops, BC firefighter and his young family on vacation, and the image data revealed that the camera had been sitting in the brink for over a year.

In a long shot attempt to locate the owner, Thompson posted some images of the camera along with some of the pictures on his Google+ page, and waited to see if anyone would be able to solve the puzzle. It only took a couple of days before someone who knows the owner spotted the story, and now Thompson hopes to reunite the firefighter with his vacation pictures soon. No word on whether he also wants the camera back, although it would be hard to tell the story without it.

While the camera itself didn't survive the ordeal, this could be a good advertisement for the ruggedness of Sandisk Extreme III SD cards.

Google+, via Engadget

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