Russound AirGo outdoor AirPlay speaker also creates Wi-Fi hotspot

Having 40 watts of power pumping out of an outdoor speaker means plenty of volume: limit the chance you'll hear yourself think and increase the chance your uninvited neighbors will call the cops — all at the same time! This speaker also knows a neat trick beyond that, too

But Russound's AirGo is more than a weatherproof single-point stereo speaker with a 6.5-inch midrange woofer and a pair of three-quarter-inch tweeters. It's also AirPlay compatible so you don't have to worry about physically docking your iPhone or iPad to it.

And it's also a Wi-Fi hotspot, which makes the $400 asking price a little easier to swallow.

Mounted on the back is an Apple AirPort Express 802.11n router. Once you get it all connected (you have to unscrew the back cover to connect the power and audio output jacks), it extends your home Wi-Fi network another 150 feet, blanketing your backyard or party space with smartphone surfing friendly Wi-Fi.

Via Russound

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