Rumor: Apple will put a speaker into the next iPod Nano?

The rumors were wrong about the seventh-gen iPod Nano getting a camera. A new patent reveals that Apple is trying to figure out how to shove a speaker into the minuscule music player.

Apple's patent titled "Speaker Clip" shows the iPod Nano's speaker attached to its clip. While the device does resemble an iPod Nano, it could just as easily be a reference design for an iPod Shuffle (considering how similar they look).

Here's the patent illustration in full:


AppleInsider notes that it's entirely possible that the speaker could just be used for general software sounds and not as real music speaker.

If Steve were still alive, his big sell for an iPod Nano with a speaker would be "A little speaker for everyone," kind of like "A little video for everyone."

AppleInsider, via iPodnn

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