Robot Repair Shop offers a peek at the lab of your dreams

The makers of '50s sci-fi epic Forbidden Planet probably thought that robot repair shops would be common by now. Sadly they're not so common, but that doesn't stop the more imaginative among us from dreaming up a cool version of what could be.

Admittedly, Fraley's Robot Repair Shop looks less like a real roboticist's lab and more like a scene from Futurama, but that retro-simplistic approach only lends to the art display's charm. Created by Toby Atticus Fraley, the pop-up shop art installation is a part of the "Pop Up Pittsburgh" project fashioned to make use of the city's numerous empty storefronts and play up the creative possibilities of the economically challenged area. If you plan to visit, the storefront will be up for about a year and you can check out more photos in the gallery below.

Via Neatorama

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