Reflective 'Lightning Vest' makes bikers super visible at night

As riding a bike becomes more posh than driving a car, it's important that we have appropriate reflective gear to pedal around in the dark. Thankfully, Dargelos' "Lightning Vest" has all bikers covered.

Hand-netted, Dargelos' Lightning Vest is made out of 3M reflective material and can be worn on top of any jacket or t-shirt. Best of all is that it can be compressed to fit into your skinny jeans pockets and it won't even get tangled.

It's not as tacky as neon orange or yellow traffic vest, and could prevent you from getting hit by a car that normally wouldn't see you.

Lightning Vests are unisex and come in sizes S-L for $80. Price too steep for you? Know that each vest is handmade in Brooklyn, New York.

Dargelos, via Swiss Miss

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