Questli app lets you turn your life into a quest-filled game

Love the challenge of accomplishing a quest? Questli, a new iOS app launching today, allows users to create both web and virtual quests for pretty much anything you can imagine, and then rewards you for it — "real money and prizes," according to the app description.

The app allows you to create quests, which can amount to anything from following clues or completing tasks or even something like finding an item in real life. Or, you can create quests or puzzles located entirely online. The only limit we see is the imagination of the creator.

You could, say, gin up an adventure for yourself with all the chores you want to accomplish after school or work. You could create one for writing "Thank You" cards for all the sweet holiday gifts you're hoping to get. You don't have to limit it to yourself — social quests that apply to others appear to be where the money's at.

It's unclear exactly what these will look like, but Questli is calling them "competition" quests:

By signing up with others you all will start playing simultaneously. Whoever gets to the end first, wins. This type of Quest may be played for real money. You pay a fee to participate and if you win, you will get 70% of all the raised amount of money. 15% will go to the person who made the Quest.

Questli has added password functionality so users can engage in private or closed group quests. These private quests or "treasure hunts" could be a potential way for sponsors or advertisers to get in on the action, too, which — ideally — would mean rewards for participants. The service costs money, but TechCrunch says you can use the code 'TC2011' when downloading the app to sign up for free (no idea how long that lasts).

This app is pretty sure to generate some epic stories — hopefully all within the boundaries of the law.

Questli, via TechCrunch

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