Printstagram turns Instagram photos into tiny little photo books

Still not done gift shopping for the holidays? No pressure. If the 105 (and counting) gift ideas we've suggested don't cut it, then why not give a gift from the heart? In this case, print up your favorite Instagram photos into a few adorable little photo books, stickers or posters. You can't beat the gift of memories.

There's a nostalgic feeling to photos taken or edited with Instagram's filters, but they usually end up stuck on Instagram. Printstagram can turn all those faux lomo digital pix into something real and tangible.

One size doesn't fit all and you can order some great options from Printstagram. Tinybooks — itty bitty photo books with 24 photos each will run $10 for three Tinybooks (so 72 photos in total). Minibooks are slightly larger and have a spiral binding and cost $12 for 2 (each Minibook stores 50 photos).

If photo books aren't your thing, then perhaps stickers ($10 for 252 stickers in two little books) or Miniprints ($12 for 48 prints on card stock) or a 20 x 40-inch poster ($10) will do the trick.

I've yet to finish my holiday shopping and am seriously considering the photo book route. They're affordable, cute and personal — exactly what a gift to a loved one should be. The gift receiver can't fault you for not putting more effort into your gift idea!

Via Printsagram

(Thanks, Jimmy!)

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