'War Hammer' exercise tool: either good or scary idea

So you took your lady friend to see Thor and she just wouldn't shut up about Chris Hemsworth's buff turn as the Norse God himself. Sure — if you had a few hours swinging that hammer around you'd look strapping too. Well, it's time to man up.

The team at Rouge Fitness has brought to earth the SISU War Hammer. It boasts a seven gauge loadable steel head perched on the end of a 38-inch-long handle. The head starts at 14 pounds, but it can reach up to 28 pounds when filled with lead shot. We kid you not.

There is a short instructional video (below) detailing an exercise you can do with the Hammer. Somehow though, we can't help but picture a gym full of guys wildly swinging lead-shot filled War Hammers with the same untested warrior's courage that got Thor into trouble in the first place.

Worried? Not you. You'll say, "This is the training weapon that will separate the men from the boys and to hell with the consequences!" We hope your gal likes bad backs and missing teeth as much as she likes Chris Hemsworth because really this one could swing either way.

Rogue Fitness, via Trendhunter

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