Playing Modern Warfare 3 early could get your Xbox account banned

Activision's red hot Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be released this coming Tuesday, but as sometimes happens, a few legitimate copies have slipped into user's hands early. If any of those hands belong to you, Microsoft is warning you not to play the game before Tuesday, or your Xbox Live account could be terminated.

After tweeting on Thursday that anyone with an pre-release copy of disc could go ahead and "have fun" with it, Xbox Live Director of Policy and Enforcement Stephen Toulouse issued a follow up tweet on Friday saying that "Playing early may impact your account!"

Just to be clear, we're talking about legitimate store bought copies of the game, that some stores simply failed to keep under wraps until the release date, not bootleg copies purchased from some shady guy in a long trench coat.

Hopefully this is just a scare tactic, and Activision along with Microsoft will let this one ride. Punishing paying customers for the mistakes of a retailer, seems like it could quickly spiral into a PR nightmare.

Via Gamasutra

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