Philips concept beehive makes for happy urban bees, free honey

Forget the fact that bees are super cute and stupendously important to our agricultural economy and general survival as a species. Let's just be selfish for a minute: honey tastes really, really good, and with this urban beehive concept from Philips, you can harvest unlimited amounts of liquid gold straight out of your wall.

Bees make way more honey (aka "bee puke") than they need, and you really just can eat it straight out of the hive like a bear. The key to being able to do this is having easy access to a hive, and avoiding getting stung to death by tens of thousands of angry insects. The urban beehive concept from Philips is designed to provide a bee and human friendly habitat integrated into one of your walls. There's a passage to the outdoors for the bees, and the interior is made of glass so that you can get a good look at bunch of tiny bugs with brains the size of a sesame seeds being more productive than you.

To get honey out of the hive, simply tug on a little string at the bottom, which releases smoke to calm the bees down. Then open the glass cover, extract your prize, try not to release a swarm of bees into your house, replace the cover, and enjoy.

This urban beehive may be great for providing an interesting alternative to nature channels on TV along with an endless source of natural sweeteners, but the real purpose is to try and help stabilize the bee population, which is suffering from colony collapse disorder. You may not be able to buy this particular concept quite yet, but there are still plenty of other ways that you can help out our fuzzy little friends.

Philips, via Inhabitat

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